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Does the happy **Amazon.com delivered my DVD** dance.

I was oh so pouty over losing my Guys and Dolls DVD. I know I had it - I've seen it hundreds of times when selecting other DVDs to view. And then, of course, when I wanted to watch it - MISSING! Grrrr! I hate that. Sooo much.

I ripped this house from top to bottom, to no avail. Then, I remembered... the wonderful eurydice72 sent me a gift certificate for Christmas that's been sitting there gathering dust while I tried to make up my mind.

Lo and behold - reordered the DVD and have it now - and will most assuredly find the original copy within the next day or so. The way of the world, folks. Don't care - just happy to have a new copy, and will be watching it at 4, since there's no Buffy on FX today. **pets Guys and Dolls**

Thanks for putting up with me - at least this spammy thing isn't another gripe. See? Happy!