Spike's Heart (spikes_heart) wrote,
Spike's Heart

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I've Been Debating...

And decided to do this, anyway...

Use me and abuse me (Trust me, you'll not get an offer like that anywhere else).

I've decided to offer my services as Bunny Wrangler and Sounding Board to the masses. Stuck for ideas and want someone to help jog your muse? Can't get from here to there? Have a pairing that won't do anything you tell them to? Unsure about a character voice? Need a fact researched, or a quote?

Need someone who won't run to the cops or Joss and tell them what you're doing with these characters? Slash or Het... send me a comment, or an email, and let's get together and see how I can help.

To those I'm already providing services for, I'm still your bitch - at your beck and call.
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