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Much Happiness!

Wheee! kallysten has begun posting the sequel to Bloody Soul, and everyone needs to go and read! Fallen Demon

And just for shits and giggles... a list of things I swore I would never do when I first opened my Live Journal:

1. I will never amass a huge friends list. Who has the time or desire to read the odd ramblings of insane people. This is gonna be for me, only - to have a place to put my private feelings and rants.

2. I will never have people friend me. What would I have to say that anyone would be interested in reading, anyway?

3. I will never read other than Spike/Buffy and Spike/Angel fics. Those are my two OTPs, and I stand by that.

4. I will never get involved in beta'ing other writers' works, nor offer my opinions. Look at the genius out there. What would they ever listen to me for?

5. I won't sign up for communities. Don't need the added nonsense.

6. RPGs? Isn't that what I used to laugh at on the Commodore 64? For geeks, only.

7. The most holy of holies! I will NEVER write a single, solitary word of fanfic. Nope, not me. Have no desire, no talent, and don't want to be stoned. I've seen enough bad!fic out there, and don't need to add to it. And as for drabbles? Hell, what kind of emotion can you get out of 100 silly words, anyway?

1. Yuh huh - see the 131 different friends I follow on a daily basis. The refresh button and I have been way too intimate.

2. See the 88 people who have decided I might be the next messiah be worth a read on occasion. And who've offered more support over the past months than blood family.

3. Still my fav OTPs, but I've read stuff and pairings that have made my hair curl, and will continue to do so. My horizons have broadened along with my ass, from sitting at the computer all day, reading fics that have nothing to do with my OTPs.

4. Use me, abuse me... but give me fic before anyone else. My newest motto. Not to mention late nite bull sessions, sussing out 'does this sound right' and 'argh... what's next?' and 'WTF am I gonna write about next?' and 'does this voice sound off to you?' and 'did so and so ever do such and such?'. Ah, the joys of life when you have no job... you can read and read and read! And thanks, folks, for thinking I have something to add to your wonderful fics.

5. There are now 16 communities I watch, some of which I actually help to maintain.

6. Hee! Geek me! RPGs... so totally hooked on the suckers. Makes my obsession with the refresh button worse by the moment.

7. **hangs head here** So I fucking lied. Sue me. Better yet, READ ME!!!! **begs**
Drabbles can grab you by the short hairs and pound emotion into your soul. 100 words of concentrated 'in your face.' As for fics? Well, they ain't Shakespeare, and except for a few of you, nobody else is either. Just glad to count myself in with you all.

So - read behind the tag and see how I stuck by with the courage of my convictions.
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