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Open Drabble For open_on_sunday 03/07/04 - #3

This week's challenge is *open.* If it's 100 words with characters from Buffy and/or Angel? Post it.

Challenge #13 - A. Terror. Fright. Blinding fear. Every character has them. Every relationship is riddled with them.

AtS – Season 5 – Post Damage - Spike

The Stuff of Nightmares

Sitting alone in his basement apartment, staring uninterested at infomercials during the wee hours of the morning, Spike thought of the psychotic Slayer, Dana. She’d hurt him badly, but he couldn’t hold her accountable. S’what he deserved, as he’d told Angel.

A knock at his door announced – Buffy. Seems Andrew couldn’t keep his gob shut, after all. She stared, dispassionately – her mouth a moue of disdain. “Had to be a copycat, Spike. Just couldn’t stay dead, could you?” She turned and walked out.

Spike awoke to the sound of terror filled screams, only to realize they were coming from himself.
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