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Unintentional Confession Drabble For open_on_sunday 02/29/04 - #1

This week's challenge: an unintentional confession.

AtS – Post Destiny - Angel & Spike & Buffy

Unintentional Confession – Anger Management

Angel sat, back to the door, engrossed in his phone conversation. “How are you finding Rome? Enjoying a life of leisure? Nothing of interest to tell you about here, fighting evil, as always. Thanks for your new address.”

Startled by a wadded up paper ball hitting him in the head, Angel turned and yelled, “Spike, I’m busy. Get out of here!” Oh, shit! “Buffy, I guess there’s something you need to know…”

Pulled the receiver from his ear; the screaming loud and sharp. Looked for Spike to explain.

Vanished, along with Buffy’s address.

Anger management, he thought. Look into it.
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