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Elements Drabble For open_on_sunday 02/22/04 - #1

This week's challenge: use one or more of the four elements.

Buffy - BtVS Season 7 - Chosen

Element: Wind - Beloved Irritant

She remembers the night he blew into her life like a dust storm, leaving grit beneath her skin. She’d been dancing at the Bronze, surrounded by people. Pounding music, sweating bodies – thoughts of slaying blotted out by sheer sensation.

Amidst mindless movement, she’d felt an odd sensation of being watched. Scanned the room out of habit, finding nothing amiss. Five seconds later, a hottie in black leather called out for help – an attack in the alley. Dusted the vampire. Found out said hottie was another.

Clasped hands in flames, parting words rebuffed, he’d left her the same way, as dust.
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