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And They All Laughed...

Okay, buckaroos! So ya didn't believe I could actually do something today? In the middle of my 6th wash now, and let me tell you... it's just NOT fun dehairing a down throw that a kitty had decided was his territory and marked it! Phew! And thank goodness for Febreeze, as well. Detergent, softener and Febreeze - the triple threat for cat urine!

What else have I managed to do today, you ask? Well... did the litterbox, before aforementioned kitty and his sister decide to find yet something else to pee on. Read a lot of fanfic, of course, 'cause it's my addiction... and... and... left my dishes in the sink again. Hey, come on now... can't expect too much from me in one day. And I have yet to hunker down and pay some little bills this evening, as well. And get those all important Halloween cards addressed and ready to go before the time passes me by, again. So... see? Something accomplished without too much effort.

Dunno how it's done... but would love for someone to luv me enough to make a personalized icon for me. **pouts prettily** 'Course, Spike is my fixation... so if someone is interested enough, please let me know so we can discuss.

You're a cat!

Cruel, nonchalant, you don't give a darn about
anyone else- what about you? You're definitely
evil. Good job!

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Will be back - hopefully with happy news about the Yankee game.