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Rally Round The Show, Folks!

Once again, organization seems to have hit the trail to save our beloved show. The message below is a direct lift from an email I received, and hopefully have permission to repost here:

As you know, we have never been a quiet facet of our
diverse fandom. WE have fought long and hard for
redemption, Spike, and the continuation of the

We are calling on you again to circle the wagons. Our
fandom was forever changed a week ago today.
WBtthought it was time to move on. So now it is time
for our voices to be heard loud and strong again.

Saving Angel

The campaign is familiar. Ads, publicity, postcard
campaigns. But what makes this campaign different is
that we are not only BAPsters and redemptionists,
Sparklies or Spuffies. We are collaborating with the
Ducks from the Babble Board, the B/A Warriors, Spike
on Angel, City of Angels, City of Angelus, Five
by Five, Slayerverse.de and Buffy.Au to bring together
the broadest array of fans, linking arms and standing
as one collective body in this campaign.

Our plans are for ads (please see website for our
ad)to be placed in Hollywood Reporter and/or Variety.
Any funds raised above and beyond this goal will be
donated to the International Committee of the Red


So please, take a time to visit www.savingangel.org.
Send a postcard or three, make a donation if you can.

And, spread the word to any and all forums you gather
to celebrate the Whedonverse.

There is strength in numbers. Let's show Hollywood

thanks for your time,

Please consider joining our campaign. I know that
all of the fandoms have our differences but the one
thing that we do all have in common is our attachment
to the Jossverse. Our fan disputes are part of what
separates us but this is part of what keeps us
together. In this, I'm reminded of the wisdom of
the Joshua5 computer in War Games "the only way to win
is not to play." If we really want to win, we will
have to work together to keep Angel on the air.

Check out the ad and the postcards, make whatever donations and efforts you can. Something must be done to keep Angel on the airwaves, whatever network or cable station will air it.