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Mood Drabble For open_on_sunday 02/15/04 #5

This week's challenge: write a drabble based on one of the livejournal moods.

Buffy, BtVS Season 7 - Chosen

Contemplative - A Road Not Taken
Buffy, BtVS Season 7 – Chosen

Standing at the edge of the Sunnydale crater, Buffy took in the enormity of the situation. Another apocalypse avoided. The destruction was incalculable. No more town. No more personal effects; their whole history wiped out, buried under the rubble. But they’d gotten out with their lives.


No more Anya. She wish - nope, not going to even think that word, but she’s sad they hadn’t been closer. For a demon/ex-demon/demon, she was a decent person.

No more Spike. He’d proven himself strong of heart, mind and soul. Wonders what if…?

The Welcome To Sunnydale sign fell into the crater.
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