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Mood Drabble for open_on_sunday 02/15/04 #2

This week's challenge: write a drabble based on one of the livejournal moods.

Spike, BtVS Season 7 - Chosen

Grateful – For All I Have
Spike, BtVS Season 7 – Chosen

As he lay on his cot in the Summers’ dark basement, Spike was overwhelmed by the noise from the pitter patter of galloping Slayer feet above his head. He was constantly on edge from the ‘thump thump’ of all their heartbeats, as well as the powerful scent of blood. All those girls, at least 3 of them were having their monthlies at any given time.

No privacy. Couldn’t even have a decent wank without worrying that one of them would need the washing machine. Doors slamming, doors opening… basement door opening.

Quiet footsteps: Buffy. Spike was grateful for it all.
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