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Prepare For Nuclear Meltdown!

I have had it. In one moment my whole fucking world has come crashing down around my ears, and I just want to scream and give it up. ALL OF IT.

1. Fucking unemployed bastard almost ex-husband

2. Fucking ineffectual god damned layer

3. Fucking system which doesn't provide for the above two statements

4. Fucking lack of job and means of support

5. Fucked up the ass - that's me.

6. What fucking difference would it make?

Just spoke to (insert #2) who said... I spoke with your husband, who says he has nothing and is unemployed. If I bring suit for lack of payment, he will counter and get the amount owed lowered, but can't pay it anyway. Which amounts to the fact that there is no way to collect blood from a stone, resulting in (insert #5).

Was told the (insert #1) said he would call me. Nothing in the last week, which means (insert #5).

Also told that the divorce is before the judge, who should be signing off on it within the next week. (insert #6)

So... if I disappear from LJ and your lives it's because I've been evicted and am out in the streets somewhere... carrying my computer in my arms and looking for a place to stick it.

Fuck it all. **sniffs**
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