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open_on_sunday Drabble Challenge For 02/08/04 - #3

The challenge was Doors

Set sometime AtS Season 5 - speculation

One Door Opens – Wesley

One door closes, and another one opens. That’s what they say, right? Who the bloody hell are ‘they’ anyway?

Wesley Windham-Pryce, Watcher. Once upon a time. Rogue Demon Hunter. No longer. Part of Angel Investigations. Until… until what? Something niggled at the back of his mind, forgotten but festering. If he thinks too long on the subject he fears he’ll go mad.

Now? Heads up a department at Wolfram & Hart dealing with the Mystical and Supernatural. Things happen without reason, causes unknown.

Well, thank you kindly, but he’ll open and close his own doors as he damned well pleases.

Not quite sure it reads as I want it to... but for the moment, I'll go with it.
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