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open_on_sunday Drabble Challenge For 02/08/04 - #2

The challenge was Doors

The Lady Or The Tiger - Pairing: Buffy/?

Awareness came as she slept. Slayer dream? Maybe, maybe not. In the moment, however, Buffy found herself in a small room. Two doors the only things that marred the smooth walls. The proverbial lady and the tiger scenario, of that she was sure. Or, perhaps the tiger and the tiger. With her luck? Two Tigerion demons.

Both doors opened of their own accord. Behind the first, human Angel, small children with sweet brown eyes. Behind the second? Gamefaced Spike, glee in his amber eyes, beckoning her to join him in the night.

Time to take the tiger by the tail.


Feb. 8th, 2004 09:07 pm (UTC)
**snickers** If I had anything to say about it? I'd say moonlight becomes her. If this didn't hurt so much, I'd say it was fun.