Spike's Heart (spikes_heart) wrote,
Spike's Heart

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Just Decided I'm Feeling Rather Ballsy Today...

so... was wondering if someone had enough spare time and desire to magic me up a site? I would be thrilled to have a home for my scribbles. At best, my HTML skills are simplistic, and I'd love a pretty home to show off. And some lovely, personalized icons?

What can I offer you besides my deepest, most heartfelt gratitude? If you're game, give me a character and a scenario, and I'll do my best to ficlet you up something. If anything, it'll give me some experience, and with any luck... it'll give you what you want.

I'm not too proud to beg, so, please? Someone wanna be nice to me today? There's so much talent out there, surely someone wants to share and make me my Spuffy & Spangel home.

Many **smooches** and **blessings** to you all!
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