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Oh Look! A Real Live Post!

Hey all. I feel like hanging my head in shame. I've been so engrossed in making little attempts to stretch the writing muscles, I've stopped all comments on everyone else's fics. Bad me **hangs head**

Anyway... gonna try and rectify that right now, and apologize in advance for missing anyone. Love you all, guys! **sniffs**

Right off the bat, I am in love with eurydice72's Promise of Frost. More wonderful Spike and Buffy loving from a most talented author.

Then, there's thebratqueen's OMG can it possibly get any hotter trio of Angel/Wes/Spike in Pet. The chick's written a lot, so you have to scroll down towards the end of the list to find it.

sadbhyl's AU Spike and Buffy, More Than Strangers seems to be coming to a head right now, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Current updates are on her LJ, of course.

Pirate's Swoop by hecatehatesthat has two more chapters posted! Woo Hoo! Really! Go see more Spike and Buffy on the high seas.

Big yays go out to jypzrose for completing Those Left Behind, an AU where Buffy stayed dead after The Gift, and the only survivors of Glory's wrath were Spike, Tara and Dawn.

xmirax has found a delightful groove in By The Heart. She gives excellent Spike/Angel... my slashy OTP.

Definitely my obsession not on LJ, is Lazuli's epic Spike/Xander masterpiece Repossession. She's just posted chapter 99! Warning: have tissues, prozac and chocolate in large supply at the ready before you begin. And a commode. An exquisite Xander showcase, coming from me, who has mega Xander issues.

What can I say about The Crimson Codex by kantayra? Spike/Buffy/Dru... AU during School Hard, Spike turned Buffy. Tales of three soulless vampires! Go, take a bite out of crime out of a yummy treasure. Just make sure you read the disclaimer thoroughly, first - it's not everyone's cuppa. (t'is mine!)

Mmmmmm! Bloody Soul by kallysten cannot be missed! Spike and Buffy, AU during Becoming, Part 2.

More, more, more you say?

The amazingly prolific willa_writes is deep into her Slashed Sonnet Sequence. Up to Sonnet 18 on her site, everything else is posted in her LJ. I believe she's up to Sonnet #34. Run and pester her to turn some of these little wonders into full, fledged fics!

There's evilmaniclaugh with assorted Spike/Angel goodies, **Ages** Series, The Virgin Vampires.

cousinjean's The Butterfly Effect 2: Ripples, continues the what if Buffy managed to save Spike from immolation in Chosen saga. Towards the bottom of the memories page.

Arrgghh! Almost forgot and damned glad I didn't... janedavitt and Behind Closed Doors, a Giles/Spike story set post The Gift.

That should keep you all busy for an evening or two. A nicely eclectic bunch of pairings, though it will always be predominantly Spike and Buffy, or Spike and Angel for me. You love who you love. C'est ca!

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