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open_on_sunday Drabble Challenge For 02/01/04

Decided to try another one... my god, I might actually be having fun mixed in with my terror and going public.

Word for August 28, 2001 – PROFUSE
Adjective - abundant

Buffy sat in the middle of her bed, arms around her knees, a cross in her hands. Ropes of stinky garlic festooned her windows. She trembled with the weight of her profuse fears… all of them centered on Spike.

He had chained her to the wall in his crypt, and professed his love for her. He offered to dust Drusilla for her. The vampire was nothing if not intense. Why did she attract demons? Was she faulty? Not good enough for humans? Could she afford to let him into her heart? Could she afford not to?

Only time would tell.
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