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open_on_sunday Drabble Challenge for 02/01/04

Absolutely the FIRST thing ever written to specified points. Please, be kind.

Word for August 28, 1999 – EDIFY
Verb – edify – make understand

Spike (of course) set early Season 7

Crouched amongst the detritus of Sunnydale High School’s basement, Spike rocks back and forth on his heels. Holding his hands over his head, trying to ward off the visions and sounds that seem to permeate the darkness inside; that try to rip at his hair and skin and assault his senses. Hour after hour of yelling and screaming… obscenities and denigrations. Images of horrors well remembered flash behind his tightly closed eyelids. There is no peace in hiding.

A single image solidifies before him… her… the girl he’d hurt… before. Perhaps she would edify the tumult and set him free.

Edited: For some reason, the word count was off... should be fine, now.
Tags: oos drabbles
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