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And Here We Go...

Again... or is that STILL?

Called the lawyer today... told him that even with the letter being sent, I still hadn't heard a single word from shithead... not even a "Fuck you, I ain't paying" IM. Not even a "Got your lawyer's fucking letter but still not giving you a cent" phone call. Nada.

Lawyer is going into court tomorrow... to check the status of the separation/divorce papers in front of the judge, sending me a copy of the settlement papers, and directions for dealing with family court and instigating a lawsuit to collect past due monies. Another letter going to shithead, stating if there is no response within 10 days, the lawsuit will be set in force, and he will be served with the papers.

So, not exactly spitting with rage right now - 'cause wasn't exactly expecting a $6,000 check through the phone... but... Grr Argh!

And a major shout-out to robintcj for saying it with icons! My one and only Faith icon, and the perfect saying when dealing with shitheads and lawyers. And a HUGE apology to all those out there who ARE lawyers... just not mine.
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