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Is Anyone In The Mood...

for a sort of Pay It Forward kind of deal in reccing fics? After all these months of heavy reading, I am sure that there are one or two fantabulously wonderful fics that I might have missed. Can't be alone in this, as it's virtually impossible to catch everything that comes down the internet.

Rereading Prophet last nite made me realize this. So, I was thinking... if everyone who hasn't read it before can rec one fic that they treasure, that might be a little obscure... it might mean a reading bonanza for all of us. Old fic, new fic... bring it all on.

Anyone rooting around for something special for little old me? ANY Spike pairing/rating, trio, quad, whatever... except for Riley... just can't stand 'im! I prefer my Spike loud and proud... but sometimes, slip a collar on the boy and I get all **tingly**

So, do your best/worst. I've got my reading eyeballs in place, and will continue digging in my archives for you all.

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