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Regarding Angel 5.9 Only

The episode was better than I thought in a 'filler' kind of way. The opening ad for Wolfram & Hart made me giggle. Mercedes did a lovely job of having a lousy day. Actually felt very sorry for her at the end of the day. Little teensy bit of Spike!Snark (tm) is always of the good.

My only quibble with the whole episode is, of course... the lame ass lines from Spike regarding his NOT going after Buffy. This is in NO WAY the Spike we all knew and loved. He was never a coward. There is no way in hell that Buffy would not have been happy to see him. Even if just as a friend (refusing to hear the 'You'll never be friends' speech that just wants to beat me around the head)... as we all know we can never have enough friends in the world. I hate, hate, hate the way they did this. I've known it was coming for weeks, and I still can't wrap my mind around how the writers expect this to be believable. /rant

Sooo looking forward to episode 5.10
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