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The Disgust of Feeling Impotent...

Grrrr.... got off the phone with the lawyer again today... still haven't gotten any satisfaction in my quest to get back support payments from the ex. Cretin is well on the way to owing me $6,000. Haven't heard a WORD from him since he last paid me in August 2003. Not a single, solitary word. I am sure he thinks I'm just gonna lay down and die without a single whimper.

WELL... not this girl. Told the lawyer I want him threatened. Want him to have to charge his payments if he has no other way. Don't care - he has a legal obligation, and he has to come through. If he's NOT gonna pay me, I want his freaking ass in jail. Let him get up close and personal with Bubba and his buds. I WANT MY MONEY!

And frankly, folks... I'm scared to death. Money is running out... job not showing itself no matter how hard I look. Feeling too fat, too old, too useless. Nothing I do seems to make a difference, and all I feel like doing is pulling the covers over my head and not coming out. Lawyers suck, exes suck, life in general just fucking sucks. I feel like giving up will get me the same results as bashing my head against the wall. Nothing I do makes a difference. I scream, and search and try to do what's right... and it's all amounting to a pile of shit. Bills keep coming... mocking me. I'm so damned angry... and it seems as if there's fuck all I can do about it.

Just... thanks for reading if you choose to, and thanks for just being there. Tomorrow is just another fucking day, right? </self>
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