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Ponderings on a Snowy Sunday Afternoon

What are the three WIPs that I search for immediately upon opening LJ?

kallysten's Bloody Soul
kantayra's The Crimson Codex
reality_bends's Spike/Wes RPG done by flaming_muse and wesleysgirl

What else has captured my fancy?

xmirax's The Spell of Aging
evilmaniclaugh's The Virgin Vampires

These two are just on LJ as far as I know.

What am I hoping will be continued before senility grabs a larger piece of me?

wherethewind__'s Hard Time
tgray's Hard Choices and Discoveries
willa_writes's Chasing Andrew (yes, something not Spikecentric - nobody faint)
xionin's The Fall of Aurelius
jwynn's Chicago and Enemy Unleashed

So much more to wish for... but this'll do for a start. We're having a mini-heatwave here... it's all the way up to a tropical 9 degrees F.
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