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Lifted from cluegirl

Spikes_heart in Love Probably
Endearing and elegant, this classic story, set in a world much like our own, depicts mere acquaintances, willa_writes (Tony Shalhoub) and spikes_heart (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who discover themselves becoming closer when a chance meeting has been dreamed up by spikes_heart's unscrupulous cousin, deannaz (Emma Thompson). Haunting in its complexity, it will have many confused by the third scene.
Produced by ianiceboy

Lifted from hils

I am Judgement

Judgement can be a reminder that judgments are necessary; sometimes you must decide. At such moments, it is best to consider the matter carefully and then commit yourself without censure. If you are being judged yourself, learn from the process. Take what is of value, correct what needs correcting, but never lose sight of your worth.

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**waves** to robintcj... and hoping her day is better than yesterday!
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