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What Makes Me Weep...

The local PBS station here in Vermont was broadcasting a program called Sing! that dealt with children's choirs. There is something special about voices raised in song. A full adult choir or chorale performance has tears streaming down my face at the first hint of harmony... but give me a children's choir? I'm sobbing like a ninny by the second note. The sheer beauty and power of vocal music hits me on a cellular level.

My youngest son was a late bloomer - cut his first tooth at 15 months, and spoke pretty much just before his 3rd birthday. He would sing the usual kiddie songs... nothing very unusual about his voice. Saw lots of his school performances as he grew up... little class sings, etc. Then one day... 5th grade play came around. They were doing Rodgers & Hammerstein's version of Cinderella. He had the part of the Page. I sat first row center... camera in hand... standard proud mama routine. Pretty little blonde son in white tights and a blue silk tabard... he held up his scroll, opened his mouth... and my jaw dropped open in amazement. Now... I'd heard his voice do lots of things... scream, yell, cry, bitch, argue, curse and lalala with the best of 'em... but I had never heard the beautiful dulcet tones that were coming from his throat before. I sat there fogging up the viewfinder in my camera from my tears (how I got any decent pictures of that performance was beyond me). I never even knew he could carry a tune, much less as well as he performed.

From that moment on - I spoke with him and his teachers, to see if this was something he wanted to pursue, and if it was an attainable goal... and sure enough, he ended up accepted in the LaGuardia High School for Music and Art and the Performing Arts, in Manhattan, for 9th grade. Went to (and wept at) all of his performances... and for a final grade... his class put on HMS Pinafore. His role? The Right Honorable Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B. **sighs and sniffs**

I wish I could say my son with the beautiful baritone went on to a prestigious college, continued his vocal studies and was currently enjoying the fruits of his labor. Truth be told, he dropped out of college first semester and has been bumming around on part time jobs and playing piano in his apartment. Ah well... it's his life... but it could have been so much more - maybe he'll finally get it all together one day - he's only 21. And male. Leaves lots of room for improvement

Shit - started this just wanting to brag about my kid, and music and tears... and seems not all the tears are happy ones. Who knew it was still bothering me?

Anyway - music intense, my reactions involuntarily wet. Tears, people... just tears. Oh, and I can't even get through the lyrics of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" without drowning. Especially when sung by Judy Garland.

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And god bless tgray, and psubrat, and eurydice72, and deannaz, and nimuetucker, and kallysten, and jypzrose, and kantayra and everyone else I know.

Just some things I think about at almost 2 am.
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