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Yup - Did It!

Okay - took the plunge and changed the status of my LJ account to paid... and would love to find out if it was worth the money spillage. Trying to find out how to use multiple piccies for different posts - and being thick about it, I guess. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Hey! At least I managed to find out how to change the damned emoticons. Progress.

A big shout out to redrover over the spoilers for episode 8 that she stumbled across... I feel your pain, cutie. Really... was hoping for some major Spike respect this season... and it doesn't look too good. Hope the snippets of info are dead wrong... or will be explained away totally. It did leave a bad taste in my mouth. Hope you continue to watch and not be totally freaked. Spike needs us all.

And speaking of major disappointments... heard that Venetian Heat has been cancelled, at least for now, due to funding problems. Like funds being withdrawn. Damn, this would have been a damned fine showcase for James. To try and look on the positive side... maybe that means his screentime with Angel will be increased. And he could possibly have the time to record the albums he's been wanting to with GotR. Well, whatever he does, I wish him the best.

And... we're outta here for the moment.
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