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Where Have I Been?

Here, obviously... not posting. I can't believe it's been days since I last even looked at a posting page. Let's see if the brain cells still function...

Lifted from bubonicplague Back to the quizzes again:

You're Mozarella!
You're Mozarella!
whether you're on pizza or in stick form, everyone
likes you! you're very agreeable and laid back.

What Cheese Are You?
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Received a lovely prezzie from willa_writes from Amazon.com today. Got some lovely holiday cards from kallysten and nimuetucker. **hangs head** Been very lax in sending out my own... but managed to tear myself away from the computer long enough to address the issue last nite. Look at it this way... if you get it before New Year's... then it's just extending the season of good wishes! And what does it say about me that the only people I've bothered with so far are those from the internet and LJ? Hmmm? You're all more of a family to me than my blood.

So - before I go any further... I want to be sure to tell you how much you all mean to me right now. Everyone's journal that I've ever browsed through has brought something to me... by way of fic kallysten, kantayra, spikealicious, spikewriter, nimuetucker), or query, or debate (paratti), or kerfluffle, or rant. You've made me laugh and cry and wet my knickers (wherethewind__, eurydice72, deannaz, janedavitt, willa_writes, psubrat) in several different ways. Some of you have sent feedback to my meagre posts, some of you have answered my comments on your own posts. Some of you have actually bothered to write ficlets and make icons (psychodragon82, dragonflymuse, elsaf, psubrat) for me, specifically. Some of you have reached out past LJ and become part of my actual real life through phone calls and snail mail. I may have been dragged into the LJ community kicking and screaming that it was another waste of time and money... but now that I am here (and also dragged innocent people into the fray tgray, deannaz), I ain't going anyplace.

I know I didn't name you all, but you're all special to me. I've tried, but I can't even begin to quantify or qualify what you've brought into my life. You've made it worthwhile to wake up in the morning (**stop laughing at me** I know I get up closer to afternoon most days). And on those really bad days, you've kept me from being really stupid.

So, Happy Holidays to you all - thank you for your gift of time and friendship. You've made me feel like it's worthwhile to go on another day.
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