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Gacked from dragonflymuse

Spike and Buffy marry
Spike and Buffy marry.

Which Spuffy fanfiction cliche are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

As usual, I've been reading some lovely fiction. The stories that have caught my fancy at the moment are:

Of the Buffy/Spike variety:
poshcat's Just Another Saturday Night In Sunnydale
brandil's The Witch, The Warrior and The Vampire
spikealicious's One Ordinary Day and the sequel, One Extraordinary Life/Two Extraordinary Lives

Of the Angel/Spike variety:
wherethewind__'s Hard Time
sangpassionne's Queen's Gambit and the sequel, Demon's Aria

Of the Spike/Xander variety:
Lazuli's Repossession

There are plenty of other stories I am passionately in love with... and will be posted in another entry. In the mean time... if you're looking for a good read, you've now got quite a choice ahead of you. Read one, read 'em all.
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