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Just A Little Bit Blue...

And only some of it because of depression. My gods, people... it's 2 freaking degrees outside!!! If I actually decide to go to bed, it means hunkering down under three blankets... and shivering until the very, very cold sheets warm up with my own body heat. It ain't instantaneous, folks. That's some very cold bit of business, trying to go to bed along in the Vermont winter. Hence the reason I am here at the computer after 3 in the morning. **grumbles about being grateful for indoor bathrooms**

Little bits of happiness are sneaking through to me - all the secret santa and holiday icons and ficlets are definitely of the good - so no matter who they're actually meant for, I just want to say thanks - cause they're making me happy, as well.


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Dec. 5th, 2003 03:19 am (UTC)
It was pretty nippy here yesterday too ~ only -8C, but with the windchill it got to -15C. Ick. And I think its the same today.

Well, to add to the misery, this is my last day off before going back on shift, and I have gotten no writing done yet. Oh, and I am up at the fricken crack of... well, not even dawn, as the sun still isn't up at 7:20AM ~ waiting for UPS. See, the buzzer to my apt is apparently broken, and UPS buddy was here yesterday and I had no clue. So I left him a note to call or honk the truck's horn when he arrives so that I can let him in. EESH. I'm tired. And it will be a looooong day. I will try to write, then I have errands to do, with hopefully a trip to costco now that i have $$. Party tonight. Home early tho because of work in the AM. Oh, and OMWF is on at 11pm so I want to be home for that :)

Stay warm!!
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