Spike's Heart (spikes_heart) wrote,
Spike's Heart

Much Better Today Than Yesterday

As days go - it's been pretty good. The cretinous ex-2-be finally sent a check... and a note that made my day. I broke out my teensy tiny violin to accompany it. But that check is getting cashed tomorrow. Another month's rent and cable/internet that I don't have to worry about.

Got a prezzie from my friend, willa_writes, first Anita Blake book - something else for my little self to latch on to with a vengeance.

Found out that Boston Red Sox lost their second post season game in a very disheartening way last nite. The Yankees are hitting well, right now - hopefully on their way to winning their first game of the post season. Not much else I can ask for out of a day.

Felt so good, I even made a lovely herbed bread and fresh egg salad. Love the smell in here from the bread... mmmmm!

Be back later.
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