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For All My LJ Friends


Several things I am grateful for this holiday:

1. All my LJ friends. Not only for the lovely fics they write, but for sharing the mundane, craptastic and fabulous moments of their lives, as well. In the past year, when I have been feeling very isolated from the world around me, you've sustained me. Kerfluffles and all.

2. James Marsters. James as Spike. James on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. James on Angel the Series. Even James in Ghost of the Robot. Spike in fanfic. Spike in het fic. Spike in slash fic. Spike in character fic. James/Spike in the hearts and minds of most of my LJ friends as a topic of discussion.

3. My kids. Yeah... even though I don't hear from either one of them as often as I'd like (which means the younger one doesn't call at all unless he needs something - and since I have nothing, that pretty much means I never hear from the kid I gave birth to 21 years ago as of November 30th, and my firstborn, who... oddly enough has the initials M.A.D, and will be 25 on April 1st, and doesn't hold it against me - he calls in spurts... either three times in a day, or once in three weeks), at least they're alive and well (pu pu pu) and around to make me miserable.

4. The fact that I don't own a gun, a car, or the intestinal fortitude to drive down to NY and take out the s.o.b. who now owes me 4 months back support, and the lawyer who has managed to draw out my separation and divorce for the past 3 years, with no end in sight. Must say this is a good thing, because ending up in jail would so NOT make my life better.

5. Extra special thanks to the following people..
willa_writes for understanding the insanity of life, and caring
about me anyway.
tgray for balancing a real life and online life, coming down more
in favor of real life, but sneaking me into her thoughts when she can.
eurydice72 for sharing her family snippets and wonderfully
romantic Spuffy. And for helping me remember that I used to like kids, while
being glad mine have grown up.
nimuetucker for putting her heart out there and not being afraid
to be herself. For showing courage when things get difficult. Very, very
inspirational to me.

6. Fan Fiction. Ever since 1984 and Star Trek TOS Kirk/Spock slashiness. Never looked back once. The satisfaction of reading a story that hits all my hot spots will never, ever be beaten. Friendship fics, romances fics, slash fics, romantic slash fics, character study fics, past history pre-show fics... put them all together and it makes me a happy woman. Why look at that - there is definitely something out there that makes me happy.

7. My soap operas. All My Children, As The World Turns, Guiding Light. They've been my silly pleasure since 1978... and will continue to give me pleasure. Books in general... Stephen King, Anne MacCaffrey, Anne Rice and many, many more. Television... childhood treasure and adult panacea. Queer as Folk... thanks to having my arm twisted by tgray and deannaz. Oh yeah - it was brutal, but... well... in love now. Pretty boys. Full frontal male nudity, comedy... Really Hung Jury, to make a point. **snickers**

The above list is in no order, and there are several things I've left out... some on purpose, and some due to the impending senior moments I tend to have.

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