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Another Pleasant Valley Monday - and Another Chapter of The Devil's Gift

Blech - it gets dark so early now - before 5 pm. Makes it seem colder, too.

Anywho... nothing new to report. Plugging away on a new fic for Seasonal
Spuffy. Trying to adult and figure out what's for dinner. Wanting to go
into my bed and pull up the covers.

Hope you enjoy the chapter. As always, comments are encouraged and welcomed.


The door of the elevator leading to Lucifer’s private quarters opened, and the demon, pushed by Maze, fell to the floor.

Immediately getting to his feet, he raised his arms above his head and intoned: “I am the great Mephistopheles. I’ve come to depose the current king of Hell, and gain dominion over the souls in Hell!”

“Les?” Maze did a double take, staring at the demon like she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Does your mother know what you’re doing? She’d be the first one to come and pull you home by the tail if she knew you were bothering Lucifer.”

“Bothering?” Chloe interjected. “This man tried to murder him!”

“Oh, please,” Maze practically snorted. “He’s too much of an idiot to be a real threat to anyone. And really, Les? Mephistopheles? How’s that working for you these days?”

“Les? You mean Lester? Your idiot cousin that was constantly pulling stupid pranks and hiding keys?” Lucifer looked shocked, as if he couldn’t believe the little upstart had actually thrown a blade at him.

“What’s wrong with you people?” Chloe was incensed at the lack of gravitas being given to the situation. “Lucifer, that man tried to kill you in cold blood, in the middle of your club!”

“Well, yes, and he made a piss-poor job of it, as usual. At least it’s not as bad as the time Maze talked me into giving him a job in the hell hound kennels. The shambles he made of them still makes me cringe. My poor babies, being forced to exist in such horrible conditions.” Lucifer shook his head and glared at “Lester,” who quailed under his scrutiny.

“Do you want me to beat him up or something?” Buffy asked, looking somewhat riled up with unspent energy, as she shifted from foot-to-foot.

“Your offer is appreciated, Buffy, but I'm sure Maze can handle it. She is my security, after all.”

Chloe tried to keep her inner freakout contained. All this talk of demons and hell and now hellhounds…she usually let it slide whenever Lucifer spoke about it, but now… now even her roommate – Maze – talked about them like they were real.

“Hell hounds, kennels? What are you talking about?” she couldn’t help but ask out loud.

“Well my guard dogs, of course,” Lucifer said, smooth as glass and just as sharp. “It was a shame I couldn't bring them with me to Los Angeles. They were my saving grace in Hell.”

Chloe couldn’t let things go. She was a detective. It was her livelihood, and her calling. “Is that why he attacked you? Because you fired him?”

Lucifer shook his head. “He was probably either bored, dared, or bullied into it by his dimwitted friends. He wouldn’t have the initiative to think of something like this on his own.”

“I wasn't dared into anything!” The guy insisted, but not before Chloe got a good look at the guy's face. She realized he wasn’t even out of his teens, his pimple-scarred face trying to hide behind a patchy scruff that only made him look more like a dweeb.

Maze punched his shoulder, effectively shutting him up. His bravado fled, quickly.

“Belial said that you were working with Amenadiel again,” he whined. “And that you were back to being a full-powered angel. He said you were going to collect us all and send us back to hell, and I didn't want to go back cause I have a job now – a real job – and you can't make us go back” The kid babbled on and on, and all Chloe wanted was for him to shut up.

“Should have known that Al was involved,” Maze muttered. “He's getting a little too big for his britches. Someone needs to teach him a lesson,” she said, as she cracked her knuckles.

“What problem do they have with your brother anyway?” Chloe asked Lucifer.

Maze answered, instead. “Believe it or not, some people actually think Amenadiel is scary,” Maze scoffed. “And since he took over Lucifer's job of keeping demons in hell after he abdicated his responsibilities…”

Chloe rubbed her eyes, having had it with all this talk of hell, demons and now hellhounds. Normally, she just ignored it when Lucifer referenced such things, but now even her roommate was feeding into these delusions. It had just been harmless talk before, but now, with the attempted murder, she was at a loss as to how to proceed.

“You bloody idiot.” Lucifer fumed. “I don't care what you do. It's none of my business any more, as long as you don't go about killing anyone, and don't cause trouble. Or make me look bad. If I wanted to control you morons, I'd have stayed in hell at Dad’s behest.”

“S-so y-you're letting me go?" Lester stuttered, as if unable to believe his good fortune.

Chloe was steaming. How could this possibly be happening?

“Don't worry so, Detective. We'll just send him back with his tail between his legs to live with his mother. Believe me, living with that woman is a worse threat to him than jail could ever be. No need to bother the fine police of Los Angeles with this.”

That didn't seem to comfort the kid in the slightest; he looked like he was about to lose control of his bodily functions.

And Chloe wasn't satisfied, in the least.

“You can't make me,” Les said, glancing at Maze. “Please.”

“Get out of Los Angeles, Les,” Maze said with steel in her voice. “Get out, and don't ever let me see you here again. Forget about Lucifer, and go back to your job, while it's still there.”

“But my job is in LA.” The guy was actually pouting now.

“So's the jail,” was Chloe's contribution. It was all she had to offer.


After offering to pummel the demon who tried to murder Lucifer, Buffy took a step back from the action, feeling totally unnecessary. In the company of both those in-the-know, and those not... she couldn't slay the guy with any impunity. And she was sure the LA police weren't as blind-as-a-bat as Sunnydale cops and their PCP gang infestations.

It was kind of like being on vacation, knowing she didn't have to hide who she was – with most people she knew at least – and wasn’t tasked with protecting everyone else either. She hadn’t had any time off since her fifteenth birthday.

Not since she was called as the Slayer.

If only her innate sense of what was right would stop niggling at her. The attempted murder of Lucifer a few minutes ago by an unknown demon left her feeling jumpy and unsatisfied.

And homesickness. She missed her sister, more than she could ever have imagined. And her friends. And even her... well, Angel. Even if he wasn’t hers anymore.

She hadn't been here all that long... less than a handful of days, but it seemed like a lifetime.
She had to get back.

Buffy sat back on the overstuffed sofa and smiled. She had a sudden epiphany. Until a way could be found to get her home, she could view this as a vacation of sorts. There was nothing she could do about the people back home. With her jump off the tower, either the portal closed and they all survived, or there was nothing left to go back to.

Might as well use this unexpected development to relax and unwind. Chloe and Maze, and even Dr. Martin, treated her with compassion and friendship. Lucifer looked at her as if she had a fascinating story to tell if only he could find the key to unlock it.

Heh, see what she did there? She punned herself. Okay, maybe loosening the reins a little couldn’t hurt.

And to be totally magnanimous, she admitted to even missing that pesky, bleached blond vamp pain-in-the-ass, Spike. Just a little bit, mind… but he did make the list of missage.

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