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A New Week - A New Chapter of The Devil's Gift

Here ya go, folks. Chapter 7 of our little tale.

Not much else going on in my little life. Seems the
year is rapidly coming to an end. Yes, it's just the
end of October, but dare to blink... and, well, you

Enjoy - all comments are welcome.


Maze paced back and forth. After that visit to Trixie’s school, she’d sworn off hanging around young kids ever again (Trixie being the exception, of course, though she wouldn’t admit it out loud). So, where does she find herself now? Hanging around with both Lucifer and Amenadiel, acting more like bickering children than angels.

“Does it glow in the dark?” Maze tossed out, frustration lacing her tone.

“I’ve tried every sort of emotion there is, brother,” Lucifer practically whined. “The sword doesn’t flame, doesn’t rend dimensions, isn’t even magnetic… nothing! It doesn’t even collapse like a magician’s prop. It doesn't do anything but CUT!” he bellowed.

“Are you out of your mind? This isn't some cheap, theatrical prop.” Maze hefted the blade in her hand. “This little beauty is perfectly balanced.” She took aim, about to throw it at the wall, when Amenadiel stopped her.

“Let’s say it's a well-made blade… so what?” he asked. “What conclusions can we come to?”

She became more thoughtful as she held the dagger. “No, this blade is so much more than a prop or a cheap piece of metal. It was meant to be used.”

“Or maybe its Dad's favorite toothpick, who cares?” Lucifer’s own frustration was making him manic… more so than usual.

Ignoring him, Maze let her fingers pass over the bloodstains. She remembered what Buffy had said – how she'd fought with a demon who'd cut her sister – to bleed her in order to open the gates between dimensions. Maybe…

“What if it's not the blade,” she asked, her eyes lighting up with interest. “What if it's the blood on the blade?”

“I'm not a forensics expert, Maze,” Lucifer growled.

“No, but you know one at work,” Maze retorted. Men. She rolled her eyes in disgust. Why did she have to do all the heavy mental lifting around here?

“Listen… I talked with Buffy,” she continued her previous line of thought. “She said her sister was the Key to open the walls between dimensions. If that’s Buffy’s sister’s blood on the blade…”

“Now wouldn't that be too much of a coincidence?” Amenadiel asked. “The only thing we found in the entire desert, and it belongs to a girl from another dimension?”

“It's as much of a coincidence as Dad sending you to LA to make sure one couple out of millions has a baby, and me running into her thirty odd years later,” Lucifer fumed. He was never going to forgive the old man for toying with him so.

“So, you're saying Dad had a hand in Buffy's appearance? For what possible purpose?”

“Who knows? Maybe he wants us to send her back home because she doesn't belong here, in our dimension, and she's messing up his perfect plan for the universe.” Lucifer was really getting into it now. “Maybe he's just being an old codger telling her to 'get out of his sandbox'!”

“And just maybe she's needed in her own universe and it's up to us to help her get home,” Maze interrupted, too fucking tired of hearing Lucifer go on another rant against his dad.

“Do you think Ella could be circumspect if we give her the blade for analysis?” Amenadiel looked worried. “She doesn't really have a clue as to what we are.”

“It's worth a try, in my opinion.” Maze looked up at the sound of Lucifer’s sigh.

“What now?”

“I'm just hoping she won't make me go to church with her, like last time,” Lucifer muttered. “Not that I'd mind reacquainting myself with some of the faithful. There was this one guy who had the most delightful tongue...”

“Really, brother?” Amenadiel sighed. “I get that you like sex, but we've got more important things to deal with.”


Paranoia. Lucifer absolutely hated feeling as if someone was always at his back, or just around the corner, waiting to pounce when he least expected it. He felt vulnerable for the first time in forever, and not in the way being next to Chloe affected him. It was most unpleasant.

He absolutely hated feeling less. He was more used to being the one others were afraid of.

The idea that Buffy might be somehow connected to his kidnapper kept him from just ignoring her and focusing on more important issues, like himself.

At face value, she was just a little thing... didn't look like she could harm a fly, but appearances could be deceiving, and he wasn't about to let his guard down again.

It wasn't like all celestial beings were as devilishly handsome as he was. For all he knew, Buffy's true face could be closer to a hell demon than the blond cheerleader that she presented herself as. After all, he couldn't forget the image of those metal bars twisting on her hospital bed. Something was definitely up with her that needed more looking into.

And the fact that Maze actually seemed to like the girl, only made him more worried. Maze never liked other humans, unless she was able to torture them. That she could stand to be around Chloe was a miracle of the highest order. So… to take to a stranger like this? Unheard of.

Yeah, sure she'd made friends with Linda as well, but that was Linda. The Doctor was predisposed to have people like her. She was easy to talk to; great at getting people to spill things that never should have passed their lips.

So, what's the Devil to do? Better to get rid of Buffy, now. And if sending her home didn’t work, well…

And that's why Lucifer found himself knocking on the door to Ella Lopez’s office door.


Chloe left the lieutenant’s office, and looked around to see if her errant partner had arrived yet.
It had taken quite the effort to get the lieutenant on her side, regarding the case of Lucifer's kidnapping. The woman might like Lucifer, like most people did, but they were the homicide department. In the end, the fact that Lucifer had been a part of the department for the past two years was enough to convince her to not only keep the case open, but allow her time to actively work on it.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Lucifer enter the Forensics department. “What is he doing?” she murmured. “We don’t have an active case.”

Chloe walked to Ella's office, and through the glass window, she could see that Lucifer was already laying on the charm, probably to get Ella to do something less than legal. At the open door, she caught him saying something about ‘a dagger’.

Ella seemed to be wavering, Chloe had no idea how he managed to talk even sane people into going along with him. It must be that dazzling smile of his. And his uncanny ability to get into people's heads.

She quickly shrugged it off. Many is the time he'd gotten pertinent information from a perp with that power, when other methods didn't work.

“Hey, guys,” she called out, finally announcing her presence. “What's this I hear about a dagger?”

“Detective, I...”

“Look, Lucifer. I get that you like to use the department's resources for your own issues, but when a dagger is involved, and probably concerning your kidnapping, then the least you can do is keep me in the loop.”

At least he had the good graces to look sheepish.

“Even if it’s solely for the purpose of keeping the boss off your back when you screw up,” Chloe continued. “We're supposed to be partners, aren't we?”

“And what if I was trying to protect you, Detective?”

Chloe couldn’t hide her surprise. “Protect me? You can't protect me by keeping secrets. It was bad enough when Dan did it, and he's a better liar than you are.”

Lucifer snorted his derision. “Detective Douche is not better than me at anything.”

‘Still with the ‘douche’, Lucifer? Really? I thought you and Dan were getting along, finally.”

“I will admit that he’s... grown on me. But he's still not better at anything than I am. Except for being a douche.”

Chloe knew his declaration for what it was – Lucifer being defensive. She also knew that in reality, at least up to a point, Lucifer even admired Dan for his sense of responsibility. It still didn't stop her from razzing him about it. Add that to the fact that Lucifer wanted to be seen as the better man in her eyes

She was never quite sure what he wanted from her. Whenever she thought he'd figured it out himself, he ran off in retreat, hiding behind something else… last time it turned out to be a blonde bimbo of a wife.

Whatever, this wasn’t being productive. She tried another tack: “So, you have a dagger with what looks to be bloodstains on the blade. Where did you find it? Why are you suspicious enough to try a run-around the rules to get it examined, which just might get Ella into hot water with the department?”

“I don't know if there's anything up with it… for sure. But we found it near the place where I woke up in the desert.”


“My brother and I.”

“So Amenadiel's also in on this? Of course he is," Chloe conceded. She remembered the other man's worries while Lucifer'd gone missing. She wished she'd taken his concerns more seriously.

“It was just a shot in the dark, Detective. I didn't know if I could find the place where I'd regained consciousness... but it seemed like there was a force compelling me there. A hunch, I guess you'd call it.”

“You believe it has something to do with Buffy, don't you?”


Chloe hesitated. Then she turned to Ella. “Check it out,” she said. “And for now, please keep the results between us.”

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