Spike's Heart (spikes_heart) wrote,
Spike's Heart

Another Day and I'm Still Standing


Which Spike And Buffy Interaction Episode Did You Like The Most?
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Guess nimuetucker and I have the same taste in episodes... at least in this minute.

season 05
Season Five - You're about growing up, and you're
probably the most mature of the bunch; after
all, you've got Buffy giving up her own life to
stop uber-tramp Glory. Your best episode is
"the Body," which explores the
process of grief by breaking TV conventions of
sound design.

Which Season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, it's finally hit cold in Vermont... right now it's all of 43 degrees outside, and I have begun to search for my sweaters. Ecstatic over seeing Angel tonite... even if it is being shown at 11pm here. Grrr... better than not at all, so I guess I can't be too fangy about it.

Tomorrow is another day for the Yankees - wishing them better luck than game 1, and on that note - adios. Nothing else at the moment. In search of new and exciting quizzes. heh.
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