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I.Loved.This.Episode. Plain and simple. Not gonna do the whole, longwinded thing, 'cause it's been done so much better by pretty much everyone on my Friends List, and everyone on their Friends List.

However... the whole Sparmony thing looked far worse on paper, than it did in actuality. In fact, given that Spike managed to retain his zippered status, according to everyone who has watched... perhaps there was only frottage? He certainly didn't force her. Hell, if he smiled at me that way... I'd have given it up myself. In a heartbeat! Whatever - not worth spending any time on at all.

The simple way Spike became corporeal echoes the way he was resurrected. Open a package with no return address and **voila** Obviously all this was manipulated by someone... at this moment, it's hinted that it's Lindsey and Eve. Time will tell. And yes, Christian Kane has bulked up somewhat since last we've seen him. Not shabby at all.

Loved the fight - especially with the high jumps. About time it all went down fists and fangs and vampire-style. I loved the verbal sparring, too. When Angel said "Tell it to a therapist" I think Spike was just as well served telling it to Angel. The catharsis factor in telling his grandsire/mentor that he was responsible for molding him into a mirror/monster... and that he sought out his soul instead of being cursed with one was therapeutic in itself. Faced his demons, literally and figuratively. Spike isn't perfect, and knows that... but he's doing his best, and feeling better about himself. About damned time.

As for the Goblet of Perpetual Torment containing Mountain Dew? I pretty much snorted myself silly over it. Just think, it would take Spike to actually recognize the stuff in the goblet as Mountain Dew. Mr. Loves His Human Food and Drink. Angel wouldn't have had a clue.

Oh, and if the subtext were any louder... we'd all be deaf! Loved it with all my slashy heart.

Guess it turned out to be more like my FOUR cents... but, c'est la guerre.
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