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Along with Passover and Easter Greetings - a New Chapter of Beloved

Happy and Healthy whatever it is you're celebrating at this time of the year.

Another day, another chapter - I feel quite spoiled after such a long period of

no words. It's a feeling I could get used to.

Please feel free to comment and encourage. The muse is open to flattery should

you be offering.


April 01, 2035

Will opened the large envelope framed in multi shades of pink and white that had come in the morning mail. The heavy cardstock bore a bright pink colored border with pink lips of a matching shade in the uppermost right-hand corner.

Ms. Carolyn Jane Gunn
Would like to announce her upcoming marriage to
Ms. Bethany Rose Chalmers

April First, 2035

River Garden Park
Corner of San Fernando Road and Avenue 26

No Reception

Buffy squealed her happiness as she grabbed the invitation for a closer look. “I knew it!” she yelled. “You owe me twenty dollars, Mister Observant.”

“When you’re right, you’re right, sweetheart. I just never thought they’d be into actually getting married. They’ve been living together for a couple of years already, after all, and nothing was ever said aloud about wanting to get married.”

“You can’t tell me you didn’t see it in their eyes every time we got together for dinner or a movie. They are so in love a blind person would notice.”

“I have to admit that this news almost trumps what CJ mentioned the other day. The two of them want to open their own pediatrics practice. They’ve both graduated medical school and passed their boards.”

Buffy nodded, obviously happy for their friends. “Bethany mentioned they’d been looking for space. I’m sure things will work out for them. With Bethany’s ability to understand their young patients’ fears and anxieties, and CJ’s skill, the kids of Los Angeles – or wherever the clinic ends up being located will be in the best of hands.”

“I always knew that CJ would be something special. She’s sharp, and detail oriented. And we both know from experience that Bethany is gifted.” Will’s happiness was infectious. “They fit so well together, I’m glad they decided to make it legal.”

“So you endorse the institution of marriage, do you?” Buffy asked playfully.

“After eleven years of being married to you, I would recommend it to anyone,” Will swore, pulling his wife in close for an embrace. “Always knew you would make me the happiest man on earth.”

Buffy put the invitation down on their desk, took Will by the hand, and headed for their bedroom. Will knew he was in for the ride of his life.

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