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Sunday in the Park, With Beloved's Latest Chapter

Still have my secret - nobody's cared to guess.

Anyone wanna give it a try?


March 2024

Even though two laptops sat on the table, Will and Buffy were sprawled out on the rug, two large sketchpads at hand. A box of pencils, pens, and markers in front of them.

“Now, where to begin,” Buffy mused, chewing on the end of her pencil’s eraser.

“It’s only logical,” Will began, “to start at the very beginning. How about the first time you met Spike. Do you remember?”

Buffy laughed. “As clearly as if it happened yesterday,” she replied, her eyes glazing over as she slipped into memories. “We were at the Bronze – our club hangout – me, Willow and Xander. First there was studying. Me and French were so totally not mixy. My level of the language was sorta ‘Je stink’,” she giggled, as Will attempted to trail little butterfly kisses down the slope of her neck.

“Stop, please,” she begged, laughter mingling with her words. “There was dancing. Group dancing, not coupling. I saw him then… on the periphery. Prowling along the edges of the group, checking everyone out intensely.

“I remember thinking, “Now he’s hot. Of course I had to pretend non-interest, as the night’s goal was hanging with friends, not man-hunting.”

“My little tigress,” Will purred, nuzzling Buffy’s neck this time.

“Anyway,” Buffy valiantly continued, steadfastly ignoring Will’s advances, “suddenly, he’s close – in front of me – and calling for a phone and some help. Says there’s a guy in the alley trying to bite someone. Now you know I couldn’t let that pass, being the Slayer and all, and obviously he knew it too, which I didn’t know at the time. My vampire tinglies weren’t too well developed yet.

“I ran out – unarmed – to the back of the Bronze, and sure enough, Big and Ugly was going after this girl’s neck. I engaged him in hand-to-hand combat, noting that Willow and Xander had followed me and were running out of the doorway.

“Get her out of here,” I said, motioning to the woman now lying on the floor, “and a stake would be nice.” Xander must have run back inside to my purse, and he tossed me a stake as soon as he cleared the doorway.”

Will sat back, enthralled, relishing the excitement that Buffy radiated as she told the tale.

“After knocking me down, the vampire started to talk. “I don’t need to wait for St. Vigeous. You’re mine!” He rushed me, but I sent him flying. Then he says, “Spike, give me a hand!” and I thought ‘Spike who?’ But I didn’t stop to wonder about it, just sunk the stake into his chest, and poof, just like any other vamp.

“As I catch my breath, the sound of clapping comes from the dark shadows in front of me. And who do you think just saunters in – as cocky as you please? “Nice work, baby,” he says with a sneer on his pretty face. Of course it had to be the ‘I need a phone guy’ from the Bronze. Just my kinda luck.

“Who are you?’ I asked, my interest now more than piqued. “You’ll find out on Saturday,” was his smart-assed reply. Like following a script, I asked, ‘What happens Saturday?’ “I kill you,” were his last words, before he faded back into the shadows.”

“Wow,” Will looked shocked. “I – he – didn’t even try to engage you. But he sure got your attention.”

“That he did, Will. That he did.”

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