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And We Start Off March With Yet Another Chapter!

Celebrating the beginning of a new month with the acquisition of a new beta - stalwartsandall over at Elysium Fields, I'm posting Chapter 3 of Revisited. Hope you enjoy, comments are always welcome.

Revisited – Did You Ever Think…

A loud crack of thunder caused Buffy and Anya to look up sharply from the task at hand and turn to each other in trepidation. As time passed, and only quiet ensued, both women exhaled in relief.

“Oh thank god,” Anya exclaimed in a hoarse whisper. “They’re still asleep!”

Buffy smiled in response. “Neither rain, nor snow, nor…”

“Nor ear-shattering sound blasts from the sky,” Anya added.

“Nor ear-shattering sound blasts from the sky,” Buffy reiterated. “Shall wake the napping demons we hold dear to our hearts.”

“Awomen!” Anya affirmed and returned to folding her laundry, a wary eye lingering on her eighteen-month-old son – Jesse Stephen Harris – a sweet, rambunctious bundle of energy named after Xander’s mother (and his best friend who’d been turned and dusted); blessed with Xander’s whiskey-brown eyes and head of thick, chestnut hair, as well as Anya’s boldness. The first second-generation Scooby.

But not the last. Giles and Tara brought the next second-generation Scooby to the fold – Lyric Grace Giles, now approaching her first birthday. Talk about a surprise pairing. Buffy’d never expected the gentle witch to widen her sexual preferences to include the man she held dear to her heart as a father-figure… although, Tara wasn’t the first in their circle of friends to broaden her horizons. The baby was yet another shock. Buffy would have thought Giles had had his fill of ‘fatherhood’ from the Bitty Buffy/Spike adventures. Happily, life has a way of making fools of the plans of mankind.

And even though Spike was incapable of fathering a child of their own, that didn’t stop them from adding to the Scooby brigade part deux.

During one of their nightly patrols, they managed to dust a half-dozen or so vampires, who had, unfortunately, drained a young woman to the point of death. Before she passed away, she managed to get out only two words – “My baby”.

Sure enough, as the woman died, the sound of a crying infant rang out. Behind a towering headstone, buckled into a carrier, a baby who couldn’t have been more than a couple of months old wailed plaintively. A shared look between Buffy and Spike was all it took, and the infant became theirs.

Immediate parenthood. Not what either was expecting, but they’d been in a similar situation before with the junior Scoobies, more or less, and knew they would make the best of things. Jocelyn Anne Summers became the third of the second-generation Scoobies. Sharing her daughter’s middle name tickled Buffy pink, and Spike couldn’t have been happier to have some way to honor his mother after more than a hundred and twenty five years.

It only took a quick perusal from Anya the next day to find out that baby Jocelyn wasn’t totally human. A half-breed; human with a side of Xynth demon. Perfectly peaceful as a species, definitely passable as human, with nothing to visibly mark the baby as ‘other’. Xynths were known telepaths, and only time would tell if Jocelyn had inherited the trait. Both Slayer and Vampire thought it only fitting that their child wasn’t ordinary.

Buffy was shaken from her reverie as an enormous flash of lightning lit up the room, followed by a clap of thunder that shook the windows. This time, they weren’t so lucky. Panicked cries from both Jesse and Jocelyn sent both mothers scurrying to gather up their little ones.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Buffy murmured into Jocelyn’s ear, the repetitive sound working to settle the seven month old against her mother’s shoulder. “It’s just thunder, Jossie. You’re safe, my sweet baby.”

Anya snuggled Jesse to her bosom, combing her fingers through his hair. “It’s okay, Jesse. Mama won’t let the thunder get you. It’s just a whole lot of noise with nothing else to do but annoy us.”

Both children quickly fell under the spell of their mothers’ calming voices, for a change. However, the chore at hand would have to be delayed; it was hard to fold laundry when both hands were otherwise occupied.

“Did you ever think…?”

Buffy looked up from nuzzling Jocelyn’s neck. “Ever think what?”

“Did you ever think you’d end up being with a vampire? And not in the drained and dead way most Slayers end up.”

Buffy couldn’t help the guffaw that exploded from her at Anya’s bluntness. “Kinda busted that trope when I was sixteen, Ahn. The real question should be ‘did I ever think I would find the right vampire to settle down with?’”

“True, but you know what I mean. Being all domestic with a blood-sucking demon isn’t exactly on the curriculum vitae of most Vampire Slayers.”

This time, Anya’s bluntness brought a smile to Buffy’s lips. “As Spike is constantly reminding me,” she said, “I’m not quite like other Slayers. Never read the Handbook, died a coupla times… and yet still here – alive, kickin’ and stakin’! I think doing it my way is my strong suit.”

She stilled for a moment as Jocelyn squirmed against her neck, then continued. “Now it’s my turn. Did you ever think… you’d be happy as a human? Or have a husband and child of your own?”

“Honestly?” Anya blushed, pink staining her cheeks and the tips of her ears. “I think we should both be a little drunker for this kind of conversation. But… given that we’re in prime time children hours, I suppose that will have to wait.”

“This will have to do for now.” Buffy raised her glass of water. “To a pair of unusual moms!”

“And good friends, right?” Anya tentatively raised her own glass, and clinked it against Buffy’s. Even after all this time, her insecurities still rose up every now and then.

“Yet another good thing to come out of the new Scooby config,” Buffy confirmed, nodding her head vigorously. “Oh!” She replaced her glass on the table, shifted Jocelyn in her arms, and continued. “Tara called the other day. She said she got a letter from Willow, and that we should all probably be expecting one, as well.”

Anya made a small moue of unhappiness. “It’s to be expected, I guess. I know Xander’s happy, but every now and then he gets this faraway look in his eyes, and I know he misses her.”

“You’re not jealous of her anymore, are you?”

Anya shrugged her shoulders, dislodging Jesse’s head, momentarily. “Not really. It’s not like he lived his life in a bubble until we met and first made with the interlocking parts.”

Buffy snorted at that, glad she was no longer swallowing water. “Anyhoo… Tara said Willow was trying to make amends for her past actions. I feel bad that I haven’t really given her much thought this past few years, but my life is full, now. I’m happy. Really happy. The kind of happy I never expected I deserved.”

“As long as she doesn’t pop into our bedroom in the middle of the night, uninvited, then I guess what she has to say might be interesting.

“I daresay if she did pop in, she’d probably learn a few things.” This time it was Buffy’s turn to blush.

“Mama, mama! Down!” Jesse looked like he was up for the duration as he wriggled out of his mother’s arms. He drunken-sailor walked over to a basket of toys in the corner of the room, and plopped down happily, immediately engrossed with a stuffed kitty.

Right on cue, Jocelyn began to bop in her mother’s arms. A quick sniff to her bottom proved no poopies, so Buffy plunked her into her baby walker and laughed as her daughter made a beeline to her toys and friend. “Aand, with nary a backward glance, she deserts me!”

Anya laughed. “Well, soon enough their daddies will be home, and we’ll cease to exist entirely. I only put up with it because Xander looks so sweet when he’s nuzzling Jesse… right up to the moment he realizes Jess has a loaded diaper, and tries to hand him back to me.”

“If looks could cast vengeance, eh?” Buffy laughed again. “Spike has it easier – though he doesn’t always agree if he catches wind of Jossie first. At least he doesn’t have to actually breathe when he changes her.”

The only sounds to be heard for the next half hour or so were the happy burblings of the children, as the rest of the laundry was folded in companionable silence. By the time the door opened to reveal the menfolk, who stomped into the house spraying water droplets like two large Great Danes, the laundry was all folded and the children all clean-diapered and smelling fresh as daisies.

With kisses to their ladies, full Daddy mode was engaged.

“Who’s Daddy’s big boy?” Xander cooed at his son, tossing him gently into the air and catching him, kisses applied liberally. Jesse giggled wildly. He did love his daddy when he came home from work. Glancing over his shoulder, Xander said, “Thanks for giving me a hand with the lumber, Spike. Being shorthanded on delivery day sucks and you saved my ass.”

In between tickles and blown raspberries blown on Jocelyn’s belly, Spike replied, “Not a huge fan of being around all that wood, Harris – though I do prefer two-by-fours to the stakes of years gone by – but it wasn’t a problem. ‘sides, the weather made it easy to get around today, and Buffy didn’t mind.”

“Yeah, seems like she and Anya really enjoy spending time with each other. Makes life easy for us all.”

“A good friend will do that for you, Xander Harris,” Anya pouted. “And I do have friends these days. Not only Buffy. I have friends in our Mothers’ group – nothing to do with our insular little group.”

Rarely one to put his foot in his mouth anymore, Xander backtracked quickly. “I know that, sweetie. You’re a very personable person. It just fills my heart to see you and Buffy getting along so well.”

Anya’s pout lifted, replaced by a wide grin. “That’s me – a personable person.”

Not to be outdone, Spike placed Jocelyn back in her walker and headed towards his woman. “Hello, cutie,” he practically purred. “My girls have a good day?”

“Jossie is fit as a fiddle. And I’m ready for love, sir!”

Spike’s eyes crinkled with amusement, his mouth soft with the smile reserved only for his family. “Don’t tease a vamp so, luv,” he murmured. “Not with company in the house.”

“Just as well we’re leaving, Fangboy,” Xander laughed.

“There are some orgasms to be had at our place, as well,” Anya happily chirped in.

Buffy curled into Spike’s embrace and waved as her friends left the house.

Over her shoulder, Anya called, “See you at Mother’s group, Buffy. Time to go home, feed and bathe Jesse, and get back to the interlocking.”

Buffy smiled. She had similar plans of her own for the evening.
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