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Is This For Real???

Help, please. On Tumblr (yes, that bastion of all things true), folks have posted about some extras listed on Once Upon a Time's season 5 offering. The following text piqued my interest:

TALES FROM THE UNDERWORLD: A KNIGHT WITH CRUELLA – Set in the Underworld and featuring Cruella and an all-new ONCE character portrayed by a special, surprise actor (James Marsters). Cruella has been left behind in the Underworld at the end of the season, and we didn’t exactly learn her fate… until now.

Has anyone heard of this? Has anyone seen it? if it's true, can someone point me to an upload?

I'm fairly sure I'll be disappointed, but on the odd chance it's true, I had to ask.

P.S. I am a real person peeking out from under my rock, not a spambot. **grins**
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