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Spuffy Haven News

Hey you guys! I want to bring your attention to what is hopefully the revitalizing of spuffy_haven. just_sue and I are opening a new little challenge:

Kicking off with a few prompts for the tenth anniversary of Buffy's telly finale:

We feel there can never be enough Spuffy in the world, either fic or artwork, and we'd love for you to share with us.

Posting dates begin on the 4th, the first Sunday in August, and continue for the entire month (on Sundays).

Oh, and if it helps motivate you... every time a new Spuffy fic or piece of artwork is posted, a teensy kitten is saved. (I couldn't go with an orphan child... that would have been too much. *snickers*)

**whacks scatterbrain** Did I mention you need to join the comm? No? You need to join the comm. You join, we'll accept, and lots of fun can be had by all. (sheesh)
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