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Last Gasp To Lend A Helping Dollar...Erm... Hand:

Reposted From BAPS and elsewhere...

Support Spike Campaign #4

According to the overnight figures for the Support Spike Ad Campaign, we need to raise, on average, about $700.00 per day between now and Sunday if we are going to place the ad in both magazines.

Are we up to the challenge. Hell, yes, I think we are!

If you've been putting off making a donation, please don't wait any longer. We also realize, though, that for some people, Friday is still payday, and we hope you will think of the ad when you get your check tomorrow.

Here's how you can make a difference:

1. Make a donation through Paypal. Go to paypal.com and send the money to

2. Make a donation through Amazon.com. Send a gift certificate to me Alane Megna at alanesue(at)aol.com. I will then send your donation on to Support Spike. If you are in Europe, you also can follow the same instructions and send the certificate from

(at) = @

3. Buy a BAPS ornament, a BAPS journal or a BAPS calendar through Cafe Press and $5.00 from each of your purchases will go toward financing the ad. You can find the links to these items at http://www.supportspike.com/Campaign04/Campaign04.html

4. Place a bid on one of our eBay items. All proceeds will go toward offsetting the cost of the ad. A few more items will be added later today. The auction ends Sunday.


Remember how you felt the first time in "School Hard" when Spike turned around to face Dru and went from monster to beautiful man? When he wanted to save the world and Dru? When he put down the gun and swept aside his anger? Every night I save you. To be the kind of man ...

This is a thank you for all of those great moments and for the opportunity to have many more.

I don't like to brag. Oh, who am I kidding, I LOVE to brag. Spike fans are best in the world. now, let's go out and prove it.

For puppies and Christmas and SPIKE!!!!


Gacked from catatonic1242

Out of My Mind

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Yup - caught me!
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