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In Support Of Spike - Not A Spoiler, BTW


This is for Spike fans, so if you don't fall into that category, please
avert your eyes now. :)

Supportspike.com and the Bloody Awful Poet Society have been
looking for positive ways to support the character of Spike now that
he is on "Angel." We have sent thank you postcard to various
executives connected with the show, as well as the advertising
sponsors. We've encouraged friends and acquaintances to give the
show a chance and to buy licensed merchandise so that FOX will know
that there is strong interest in Spike and the show in general.

Now, we want to put an ad in "Variety" and "Hollywood Reporter" to
be published on Nov. 19, to coincide with the airing of "Destiny,"
which will be the final "Angel" episode of Sweeps.

Evenstar has designed the ad. We are still deciding on the exact look
for it, but you can see some mockups here.


You can also make a Paypal donation through the link there.

The drawing and the text will be refined a bit more before it is sent
to James Marsters' manager for final approval. He has already given
us a preliminary OK.

What we are asking is that fellow Spike fans consider making a
donation toward this effort and to spread the word on any other
boards where you might post.

This is a POSITIVE way to support a character that has come to mean
so much to us over the years.

Spike has brought people together as friends who might otherwise
never have met. We've created a virtual family on the Web, all
because of this one character.

The ad is our way of saying "Thank You" and calling more attention to
the character on the day in which a pivotal episode will air.

It's our love letter to Blondie Bear. :)

Take, repost in your own journals if you choose. Make your voice heard.
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