Spike's Heart (spikes_heart) wrote,
Spike's Heart

Shouting Out The Howdies!

Hey all! Just came back from Barre... went to a small greenhouse with a friend. This place was pretty much giving away plants for the oncoming winter... to make room for all the Christmas trees. Said friend turned her car into a mini nursery... came away with geraniums, a xebra plant, something called a cheneille plant and some kind of variagated maple. Lovely plants. I came away with nothing but appreciation, 'cause Brown Thumbs R Me.

Watched Angel last nite and can't believe how many different reactions it engendered. I, personally, enjoyed it for the simple fact that Spike seems to be more integrated into the cast. Must be the juvenile in me, but I liked his willy comment both on the diddling and name game sides. What can I say? C'est moi.

The Mexican wrestling was silly... but didn't bother me - the message of the hero losing heart... that was deep. We knew going in that this was going to be Angel's battle - that it's one he fought before. Morals, ethics, purpose, giving a damn.

As for Spike - there are finally hints that he might think he's worth something after all, that he did something worthy for right's sake. Fred is a big help for him. I like their friendship and hope it continues.

Wes has reverted to "more than Sunnydale, but less than dark" which would all fall in line with the mindwipeverse everyone is in. Kept checking that neck for his scar and couldn't find it. Much more than a mindwipe, it's more on the scale of a re-arranged universe, like when Dawn came into being. Angel's little 'slip' of the tongue is gonna set the next arc in motion... the crumbling of the re-arranged. I do think he, Wes, was rather mean to Spike about the Shanshu. Quietly, firmly, bias showingly mean - proving once more that words can wound deeply.

So - for the kickoff to the sweeps season, superficially superficial seeming episode. Digging deeper, it seems as if it's got the seeds for the rest of the year... for the soul purpose (sorry) of both Angel and Spike's journies. Can't wait for the next three episodes.

Mail came today, bearing prezzies from friends... smooches out there to them! They know who they are. Now off to catch up on everyone else's rantings and ravings. Maybe later, maybe not.
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