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For I Am A Ewe

Everyone and their mother has done the Word auto-summarizing thingie, so I figged I might as well tag along with the crowd:

Angel said. "Buffy? "Oh, Angel. "Yo, Angel! Angel shrugged. William. Angel yelled. Angel growled.

Angel snarled. Angel! “Look, Angel… Angel sighed. “Angel, I… William? “William! Angel frowned. Angel frowned. Angel nodded.

“William! Angel’s… Angel shuddered. Angel’s childe?”

“Hello, Angel.” Angel growled.

Angel fumed. “Angel! “Oh, Angel.” Angel sighed. Angel panicked. “Go home, Angel. Angel? Angel!”

“Angel!” Angel called. “Buffy! William! “Buffy! Buffy! Angel,

Angel smiled. “William! “William?”

“Hello, Angel.”

Angel nodded.

Angel sniffed. Buffy.”

Angel startled. Angel mumbled.

Angel snorted. “William?” Boy. “Angel, it’s Giles.”

“Buffy? “Buffy!”

William… William?

Buffy. William.



“Angel… please! “Angel!”

I wonder if you can figure out who's in it? **giggles**
Tags: beloved, memes-quizlets
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