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Public Service Announcement to Those Who Bookmark Fics for... Later:

**pants, gasps**

I'm sure there are many of you out there like me. You see a new fic, or a new chapter and don't have time to read them right away so you do the little click thingie, and save it as a tab to be read... later. Easy peasy, eh? (Using the latest Netscape browser, btw).

Then you discover you can load up a browser with say some 20-25 tabs, and bookmark that. Neat and easy storage for... later.

And lo and behold, before you know it, you've let six months go by of saving one full browser every single day and are faced with the maniacle task of reading and saving EVERYTHING...

What is that you say? It's just me? **blushes**

Two weeks of doing absolutely nothing else, and I am totally tabbed out. Beware the easy bookmarks, folks... they'll bite you in the carpals if you let them.
Tags: utter stupidity
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