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Pimpity Pimp Time

The first part of spuffy_haven's Art Before Fic Challenge has been a phenomenal success. Our members responded with a total of FIFTY different banners/fic specifications. Talent and inspiration can be found in abundance in our ranks.

Now it’s time for writers to step up to the plate and provide the fics for the second part of our challenge.

Our community is friendslocked for only one reason – to keep kerfluffles and hostilities at bay. spuffy_haven is just that – a safe place for lovers of Spike and Buffy together to ship their favorite couple without recriminations. You need to join the community to view our entries and to post. Come and join if Spuffy is your ship of choice – we won’t bite… unless you ask, nicely. *grins*

At the moment, 17 members have chosen their respective banners/fics – leaving 33 waiting for a happy match. Our first round of sign-ups ends on April 14th, 2007. Come and grab your first choice of banners whilst there’s still a large pool to choose from.

C’mon, my sweet, talented friendslist! Surely there are those out there who can produce the bare-minimum of 1500 words in the next two months? At the very least, come and peruse all the spectacular artwork created for our challenge. Who knows? Perhaps the muse will become inspired.

You can find the complete Master Listing of Banners and fic requirements HERE

And the Sign-up post for writers HERE

Fic posting day is June 14th, 2007, and multi-chaptered fics (inspiration willing) need not be completed at that time. You can find all relevant details on the sign-up page.

If you have any questions, by all means… email me or either of my co-mods, just_sue and angelic_amy. We’ll be happy to clarify things for you.

Now, I’d like to take the time to thank everyone who’s already pimped our challenge in their own journals, and encourage more to do the same. Imagine if all of our lovely banners were claimed… FIFTY more Spuffy fics to see the light of day. **drools happily**
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