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Gacked from dragonflymuse

Most Likely Male Celeb To Bang ::Edited:: by lifeoflindz
Your Name
Your ManTom Cruise
Where?A Club
You sayPut Your Back Into It.
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Well now, this could be interesting.

Just have to sing the praises of Half.com once more. Ordered my Queer As Folk DVDs just the other day - got a receipt that stated they would be shipped by November 13th, and got them today! New, factory sealed, WORKING DVDs that saved me over a hundred dollars. Woo Hoo! **does the happy, floppy dance of joy**

Nada much going on - found a new community...buffy_au which I am sure will take up more of my available time. Imagine... when I started this whole LJ thing, it was with the intention of just having a place to vent. **snorts** I should have known better.

More, later... if anything else interesting finds its way to me.
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