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Calling All Of Beloved's Readers

Good day, Gentle Readers. Now that we've posted the latest chapter - Homecoming - in our little saga, liliaeth and I would appreciate your input in the way Beloved's storyline continues.

Poll #920125 Beloved's Path

As a reader, which of the following options would you prefer:

Move the story along so we can get to the end of Will's suffering sooner, instead of lingering where his pain is at its peak.
Tell more of Will's story. He's been through a horrid experience and it's bound to leave its mark. We want to see the immediate fallout amongst his family and friends as he's dealing with his old life.

Don't worry about hurting our feelings - we're simply at an impasse and you're just helping two writers get a clearer picture. Which is why we're not telling you which choice is who's.

It would also be cool if you'd expound on your choice in the comments. We'd like to know why you feel as you do.

Many thanks in advance!
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