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All You Need Is Love...

La La La La!!

I'm rather overwhelmed by all you sweethearts for wishing me a happy birthday yesterday. I don't dare thank you all by name here, due to a galloping case of I'll probably forget someone and feel terrible. Hopefully I've managed to answer everyone individually. If I missed you, let me know!

Now to the loot! *grins*

The above was made by liliaeth. The perfect prezzie - a sweet, befuddled William for my very own. Yum! Oh, and cake, too!

This touching little scene was the brainchild of the very talented amarysso, combined with lyrics suggested by just_sue

The splendiferous darkwaif conjured up the above banner for my darkity dark fic, Hell Is In The Details

Not only did I get pretties, but I got fic, too!

talesofspike wrote the next part in her Better!Verse for me and several other gals. Check out: Cheating Fate. Spike/Buffy, of course, with some Giles/Anya as an added bonus.

just_sue wrote the first chapter of a wonderful fic... working title Building Tomorrow. I'd link to it, but she's taken it down to tweak and have it betaed, perfectionist that she is.

Now onto Real Life:

Things didn't work out for a dinner as we had planned, or to be exact.. not planned well, for Sunday. It's been postponed until this coming Sunday, so that's cool. Of course, I have to cook, but I already warned the beastlings my boys that I refuse to wash a single dish.

The younger brought home an 'old fart' card, and a bar of dark Dove chocolate. A little slice of heaven that was.

All in all, it was a decent day. Not the hearts and flowers I wouldn't have minded, but I wasn't alone for the first time in nearly five years, and Boston lost. Really, what more could an old gal ask for?

**Hugs You All**
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