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Early One Morning... la la la

Senko - "Wizard Child; Hermit Child"
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So many fics... so much to keep up with - nice to be able to go back through the days on the LJ to make sure there was nothing missed.

Went to Burlington today, moral support for a friend with a doctor visit - all is well with her, thank goodness. Were gonna hop to the mall, to shop and waste time - but it was a waste of time, and the day grew short, and we came home and went out to dinner, which was better than nothing.

Mmmm - dulce de leche cheesecake! Applebee's has developed a way to lure my tastebuds to the fore. Bastards! Didn't stop me from enjoying the hell out if it. And, have a nice little lunch of leftover chicken fingers and riblets, too. Of course, no more cheesecake, but it didn't have a chance. Nuh uh!

Did manage to do something really impulsive - picked up the first two years of Queer As Folk... after being somewhat stunned by the cost of said DVDs... but bought 'em anyway. Common sense prevailed when I got home, and checked out Half.com and found out I could have saved over $100. So, I promptly ordered them, and will be returning the two in my possession ASAP. Hey! $100 is $100... and there are the new years of Angel and Buffy coming out next month, I believe.
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