Spike's Heart (spikes_heart) wrote,
Spike's Heart

It Has Begun

Something white and slushy has started to fall. Guess it's a good thing I actually got away from LJ yesterday and did a staples shopping. Of course for me, that means bread, milk, orange juice, cheese, turkey, Cadbury's mini-eggs, mini-jellybeans, cookies and fresh bagels.

Do I dare lament the fact that I'm erm... slightly rotund in figure? **snorts**

Well, I'm in for the duration, watching the Olympics all day long... out of the corner of my eye. And writing with my lovely liliaeth, talking with cafe_willa and ignoring the sink full of dishes in the kitchen.

And yeah, I cried over the opening ceremonies last night, the big marshmallow that I am. In my defense? It was pretty. **sniffs**
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